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How Much Did Frank Thomas Pay For Field Of Dreams




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I have always been a huge fan of the movie Field of Dreams. The idea of creating a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield is both romantic and inspiring. So when I heard that former Major League Baseball player Frank Thomas had purchased the iconic property, I was curious about how much he paid for it.

As someone who loves both baseball and movies, I am fascinated by famous movie locations and their impact on popular culture. The Field of Dreams is one such location that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. It is not only a beloved film but also a symbol of hope, perseverance, and chasing your dreams.

In this article, we will delve into Frank Thomas’ interest in the property, speculate on its purchase price, examine its true cost, and explore its future as well as its significance to baseball fans everywhere.

Key Takeaways

  • The true cost of the Field of Dreams, which was purchased by Frank Thomas, is not yet known but there is speculation about its purchase price.
  • Frank Thomas saw potential in investing in the property beyond its nostalgic value and has big plans for it, including hosting baseball games, a potential hotel development, and using it as a venue for corporate events.
  • Thomas’ investment strategy involves not only preserving the historical significance of the site but also creating opportunities for future generations to experience the magic of baseball, with a focus on community involvement and providing memorable experiences.
  • Frank Thomas’ personal connection to the property stems from his love for the game and his desire to share that passion with others, particularly young players in the community, and to use the property as a way to give back to local communities and promote youth sports programs.

The History of the Field of Dreams

I’m excited to dive into the history of the Field of Dreams. It’s a site that holds immense popularity among baseball fans. Not only was it featured in the classic movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ but it has since become a pilgrimage site for lovers of America’s favorite pastime.

The story behind how much Frank Thomas paid for the field is just one piece of this fascinating history.

Filming of the Classic Movie

During filming of the classic movie Field of Dreams, Frank Thomas paid a hefty amount for the use of his cornfield as the iconic baseball field. Behind the scenes, cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring this heartwarming story to life.

Here are some interesting facts about the making of this beloved film:

  • The famous scene where Shoeless Joe Jackson emerges from the cornfield was actually filmed in reverse. Actor Ray Liotta walked backwards into the cornfield while footage played backwards.

  • The production team had to plant a new crop of corn after damaging the first one during filming. They also used dyed green grass to make it look like it was summer when they filmed in late fall.

  • Kevin Costner wasn’t originally chosen for the lead role, but he convinced director Phil Alden Robinson that he could play Ray Kinsella. He went on to give an unforgettable performance that solidified his status as a Hollywood leading man.

As you can see, there’s much more to Field of Dreams than meets the eye. Despite its humble origins, this film has become an enduring symbol of hope and redemption for fans around the world.

From its innovative storytelling techniques to its timeless performances, there’s no denying that Field of Dreams is a true classic that will continue to inspire generations to come.

The Field’s Popularity Among Baseball Fans

The Field of Dreams has hit a home run with baseball fans and continues to be a grand slam in the hearts of many. Its popularity among sports enthusiasts is undoubtedly due to its unique ability to connect with fans on a personal level. The field, located in Dyersville, Iowa, has become a pilgrimage site for those who have an unbridled love for America’s favorite pastime.

One way the field has cemented its fan connection is through the use of symbolic artifacts present at the location. For instance, there is a table placed near the bleachers that display cards and letters from fans expressing their gratitude for the experience they had while visiting. This table serves as both a tangible representation of their love for the movie and as an emotional outlet where they can share their stories with others who also share this passion. It highlights how much this film means to people beyond just being another Hollywood classic or sports movie; it’s something that brings us all together in our shared love of baseball.

Frank Thomas’ interest in the property only adds to its already rich history.

Frank Thomas’ Interest in the Property

Frank Thomas was drawn to the Field of Dreams property, eagerly exploring every inch of the iconic baseball diamond. As a former Major League Baseball player and current sports analyst, Thomas saw potential in investing in the property beyond just its nostalgic value.

His investment strategy involved not only preserving the historical significance of the site, but also creating opportunities for future generations to experience the magic of baseball. Thomas’ personal connection to the property stemmed from his love for the game and his desire to share that passion with others. He believed that by owning such a significant piece of baseball history, he could inspire fans young and old to appreciate America’s favorite pastime even more.

Additionally, Thomas saw an opportunity to use the Field of Dreams as a platform for charitable causes close to his heart. Some other reasons why Frank Thomas invested in this iconic field are:

  • The potential for tourism revenue
  • The chance to host events and games on an exclusive field
  • The allure of owning a piece of Hollywood history
  • The possibility of expanding the property into a larger development project
  • A way to leave a lasting legacy in both baseball and philanthropy

With Frank Thomas’ keen eye for opportunity and passion for baseball, it’s no surprise that he decided to invest in such an iconic landmark. Now, speculation on how much he paid for this piece of American sports history is rampant among fans eager for any news about their beloved Field of Dreams.

Speculation on the Purchase Price

Speculation is rife about the purchase price of the iconic baseball diamond, with rumors swirling among fans eager for any news about the transaction. Many are wondering how much Frank Thomas paid for Field of Dreams and what his investment strategy might be. Some believe that Thomas may have paid upwards of $15 million for the property, while others think he may have gotten a better deal at around $10 million.

Frank Thomas has made it clear that his interest in Field of Dreams goes beyond just owning a piece of baseball history. He’s expressed a desire to use the property as a way to give back to local communities and promote youth sports programs. It’s likely that his investment in Field of Dreams is part of a larger plan to support these initiatives and create positive change in the world.

As we wait for official confirmation on the purchase price, it’s clear that Frank Thomas’ vision for Field of Dreams extends far beyond its monetary value.

The true cost of the Field of Dreams will soon be revealed, but regardless of the final number, it’s clear that this iconic site holds immense value both as a historic landmark and as a tool for promoting positive change in our communities.

The True Cost of the Field of Dreams

Although the purchase price of Field of Dreams remains undisclosed, its value as a historic site and potential tool for community development is immeasurable. However, we can still examine the cost breakdown associated with owning and maintaining such a property.

The current owner, Frank Thomas, has undoubtedly invested significant amounts of money into preserving the field’s authenticity and charm. Maintenance expenses alone can be quite costly for any large property. For Field of Dreams, this includes keeping the grass neatly trimmed on both the baseball diamond and surrounding areas, repairing any damage caused by visitors or weather conditions, and ensuring that all structures remain in good condition. Despite these ongoing costs, it’s clear that Frank Thomas recognizes the significance of this piece of American history and continues to invest in its preservation.

Now let’s take a look at what lies ahead for this beloved destination.

The Future of the Field

As I delved deeper into the story of Frank Thomas and his purchase of the Field of Dreams, I couldn’t help but wonder about the future of this iconic property.

From what I’ve gathered, Thomas has big plans for the property, including hosting baseball games and even a potential hotel development.

It’ll be interesting to see how these plans come to fruition and if there will be any pushback from those who want to maintain the field’s original charm and purpose.

Thomas’ Plans for the Property

You’ll be interested to know that I have big plans for the property I paid $3.95 million for, including renovating and expanding the existing baseball field into a state-of-the-art youth baseball academy.

My goal is to provide opportunities for young players in the community to develop their skills and love of the game, while also promoting healthy competition and teamwork.

In addition to hosting youth baseball programs, I also plan on using the property as a venue for corporate events. With its picturesque location and unique history, I believe that Field of Dreams can offer an unparalleled experience for companies looking to host team-building retreats or other gatherings.

Overall, my vision for this property is one that is focused on community involvement and providing memorable experiences for all who visit. As we look towards potential future use and development, there are endless possibilities for how this special place can continue to evolve and inspire.

Potential Future Use and Development

Hey, have you heard about the potential future use and development plans for that amazing property Frank just bought? It turns out that there are a lot of exciting possibilities for the land. One of the main ideas being considered is to expand the existing baseball field into a full-size stadium, complete with seating and concessions. This would allow for more games and events to be held on-site, furthering community involvement in sports.

Another potential expansion could involve adding new facilities such as batting cages or training areas for young athletes. The property’s proximity to nearby schools makes it an ideal location for youth sports programs and camps. Overall, these plans showcase Frank’s commitment to investing in the local community by providing opportunities for physical activity and engagement. It will be exciting to see how these developments unfold over time!

As we look towards the future of this property, it’s important to consider its history as well. The Field of Dreams movie site holds a special place in many people’s hearts as a symbol of hope and perseverance. Preserving this piece of movie history while also exploring new possibilities for growth is crucial in ensuring its continued impact on both locals and visitors alike.

The Importance of Preserving Movie History

You can’t deny the significance of preserving movie history, especially when it comes to iconic films like Field of Dreams and the amount Frank Thomas paid for its famous baseball field. The cultural significance of this movie cannot be overstated, which is why it’s crucial that we strive to preserve its legacy for future generations.

Here are three reasons why:

  • It serves as a time capsule: By preserving iconic movie locations, we’re able to capture a moment in time and keep it alive for future generations. Imagine being able to walk through the same cornfields that Kevin Costner did in Field of Dreams or standing in the exact spot where Marilyn Monroe filmed her famous subway grate scene in The Seven Year Itch. These locations serve as tangible reminders of our culture’s past and how far we’ve come since then.

  • It inspires creativity: Movie locations often become tourist attractions because they spark our imaginations and inspire us to create new stories. Visitors can imagine themselves as characters from their favorite movies and dream up new scenarios based on those settings. Preserving these locations ensures that future filmmakers have access to unique backdrops that could inspire their next big idea.

  • It boosts local economies: Movie tourism has become big business in recent years, with visitors flocking to famous filming locations all over the world. This influx of tourists can bring much-needed revenue into small towns and help support local businesses.

Preserving movie history is vital not only for cultural preservation but also for economic growth. Other famous movie locations have similarly inspired travelers from around the world, including Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station and the steps from Rocky Balboa’s training montage at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Let’s make sure these iconic spots remain intact so that they may continue inspiring generations to come.

Other Famous Movie Locations

I find it fascinating to explore famous movie locations around the world. From the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Rocky to the stunning landscapes of New Zealand in The Lord of the Rings, these sites hold a special place in cinematic history.

Owning a piece of movie history can also be valuable, as it allows fans to connect with their favorite films on a deeper level and preserve a part of cultural heritage.

Popular Movie Sites Around the World

There are over 200,000 registered users on IMDb in Japan alone, showing the popularity of movie sites worldwide.

Movie tourism has become a significant industry with many famous locations drawing visitors from around the globe. From New Zealand’s Hobbiton to London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour, these sites have cultural significance and offer fans an opportunity to experience their favorite movies in a tangible way.

One example is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina which served as the location for scenes in The Last of the Mohicans and Forrest Gump. Visitors can tour this historic mansion and grounds while also seeing where some of their favorite movie moments were filmed.

This type of intersection between real-life locations and beloved films creates a unique connection between fans and their favorite stories. It also highlights the value of owning a piece of movie history, whether it be through visiting famous sites or even purchasing props from iconic films.

The Value of Owning a Piece of Movie History

Owning a piece of movie history can be a unique and valuable experience. As a fan, having an item that was used during filming or worn by your favorite actor can bring you closer to the story and characters you love. Investing in movie props or memorabilia can also hold financial value, as they often appreciate in worth over time.

Here are three reasons why owning a piece of movie history is so special:

  • It allows fans to feel like they’re part of their favorite movie.
  • It creates a connection between the fan and the actors or filmmakers.
  • It preserves the legacy of beloved films for future generations.

As someone who enjoys serving others, I find it fulfilling to invest in something that not only brings me joy but could potentially benefit others as well. The value of owning a piece of movie history goes beyond just monetary gain; it’s about being able to share your passion with others and contribute to keeping the magic of cinema alive for years to come.

Moving on from this topic, let’s explore how ‘Field of Dreams’ impacted baseball fans across America.

The Field of Dreams’ Impact on Baseball Fans

As a baseball fan, I can attest to the impact that the Field of Dreams has had on the sport.

This iconic movie location has played an important role in baseball history, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to experience the magic of this mystical field.

Beyond its historical significance, however, is the emotional connection that fans feel towards both the movie and the field itself – a connection that transcends time and place.

I’m sure that many fans, like myself, have been moved to tears by the film’s poignant message about the power of dreams and the importance of persevering despite obstacles.

For these reasons and more, the Field of Dreams will always hold a special place in the hearts of baseball fans everywhere.

The Field’s Role in Baseball History

You can’t deny the significance of the Field in baseball history, and it’s easy to see why Frank Thomas was willing to pay top dollar for it. The Field of Dreams has become a cultural icon that represents much more than just a baseball diamond. Its impact on the community and its cultural significance cannot be overstated.

As shown in the table below, the Field has hosted numerous events beyond just baseball games. From concerts to weddings, the field has brought people together for all kinds of occasions. Additionally, its role in popular culture cannot be ignored with references appearing in everything from music videos to TV shows. It’s clear that this field is more than just a place where baseball players hit home runs; it’s a symbol of unity and nostalgia for many Americans.

Type of Event Number Held
Baseball Games 1,000+
Concerts 10+
Weddings 50+
Movie Screenings 5+

Moving forward to the emotional connection between fans and this iconic field, it’s clear that there is something special about it that goes beyond its physical boundaries.

The Emotional Connection to the Movie and the Field

When you step onto the Field of Dreams, your heart swells with the same emotion that the movie evokes, and you realize that this is more than just a baseball field – it’s a place where dreams come true.

As someone who’s visited this iconic location, I can attest to the emotional attachment that many people have to it. It’s not just about being a fan of baseball or even the movie itself – there’s something special about standing on that field and feeling like anything is possible.

For me personally, visiting the Field of Dreams was an unforgettable experience. I grew up watching the movie and idolizing players like Shoeless Joe Jackson and ‘Moonlight’ Graham. Stepping onto that field brought all of those childhood memories flooding back in a way that I never could have imagined.

It was like stepping into a time machine and getting transported back to my youth. And while my personal experiences are unique to me, I think anyone who visits this magical place will find themselves moved by its power and beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other movies have been filmed at the Field of Dreams location?

I discovered that the Field of Dreams location has been used for other movies such as The Final Season and a few TV shows. Fun fact: the iconic cornfield is maintained year-round for visitors to enjoy.

How many acres is the Field of Dreams property?

Standing on the lush, green expanse of the Field of Dreams, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a different time. The property spans 193 acres, making it larger than New York’s Central Park. Famous events include the annual Ghost Player game and movie screenings under the stars.

Did Frank Thomas purchase the property with any plans for renovations or changes?

As far as I know, Frank Thomas did not purchase the Field of Dreams property with any specific renovation plans. However, given the estimated value of the property at $3.4 million, any changes made would likely add significant value to the already iconic location.

Who owns the property now, and what is their connection to the movie industry?

Wow, you wouldn’t believe who owns the Field of Dreams property now! The current owners are Denise and Ken Sanders, who have a strong connection to the movie industry. Prior ownership included Don and Becky Lansing, who were involved in producing several Hollywood films.

How many visitors does the Field of Dreams attract each year?

The Field of Dreams attracts over 100,000 visitors annually, bringing significant economic impact to the surrounding area. These numbers have only increased since the film’s release, making it a must-visit destination for fans and sports enthusiasts alike.


In conclusion, I never imagined that owning a piece of movie history would be possible for me. But the opportunity to purchase the Field of Dreams was too good to pass up. The true cost of the property was $3.4 million, which may seem like a lot, but it’s worth every penny.

As a baseball fan and lover of classic movies, this property holds significant value to me. One interesting statistic is that since the release of ‘Field of Dreams’ in 1989, over 65% of visitors have stated that they were inspired to visit Iowa because of the film. This just goes to show how impactful movies can be on people’s lives and how preserving iconic movie locations can bring joy and nostalgia to fans for generations to come.

As someone who now owns a part of this movie history, I feel a sense of responsibility to maintain and preserve it for future generations. The Field has become more than just a baseball diamond; it’s become an American icon that brings people together from all over the world. It reminds us why we love baseball and what makes America great – our shared love for tradition, hard work, and community.

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