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How To Get Tickets For Field Of Dreams Game




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As a baseball fan, I’ve always dreamed of stepping foot on the iconic Field of Dreams. Located in Dyersville, Iowa, this field has served as a symbol of hope and inspiration for players and fans alike since it was first immortalized in the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner.

And now, with the announcement of the Field of Dreams Game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox on August 12th, 2021, that dream can become a reality for lucky ticket holders.

In this article, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about securing tickets for this historic game. From ticket availability and pricing to purchasing options and travel accommodations, I’ve got you covered with all the information you need to make your way to Dyersville this August.

So let’s dive in and make your Field of Dreams dreams come true!

Key Takeaways

  • The Field of Dreams Game will be held on August 12th, 2021 in Dyersville, Iowa with a seating capacity for over 8,000 fans.
  • Ticket options include General Admission starting at $375, Premium Seating options ranging from $1,200 to $1,500 per ticket, and VIP Packages with exclusive benefits such as early access and meet-and-greets with baseball legends or current players.
  • Premium Seating options include Diamond Club and Home Plate Club with exclusive perks such as access to private lounge and bar, and padded seats for added comfort.
  • Pre-sale opportunities are available, but tickets are in high demand and could cost up to $5,000 or more. It’s important to plan ahead, familiarize yourself with refund and exchange policies, and consider game day information such as parking and seating arrangements.

Overview of the Field of Dreams Game

You’ll want to check out the upcoming Field of Dreams game, where you can experience the magic of baseball in a breathtaking setting. This game is not just any ordinary match but has a history and significance that make it special.

The inspiration for this game comes from the 1989 movie, ‘Field of Dreams,’ which tells the story of an Iowa corn farmer who hears a voice telling him to build a baseball field in his fields. The movie became an instant classic and has since inspired millions across the world.

The idea for this game came about when Major League Baseball announced its intention to bring regular-season games to Iowa in 2019. The MLB decided to hold this one-of-a-kind event at the Dyersville farm, where they built a temporary stadium with seating capacity for over 8,000 fans.

With its picturesque views and unique charm, it’s no wonder why the Field of Dreams Game has become one of the most anticipated events on every baseball fan’s calendar. But before we dive into ticket availability and types, let’s take a moment to appreciate what makes this game so special.

Ticket Availability and Types

So, when it comes to getting tickets for the Field of Dreams game, there are a few options available.

Firstly, there’s General Admission which is the most affordable option and allows you access to the bleachers and outfield lawn seating areas.

If you’re looking for something more upscale, then Premium Seating would be your best bet – this includes seats in the lower bowl or suites with catering options.

Finally, for those who want a truly luxurious experience, there are VIP Packages which offer exclusive access to premium seating areas as well as other perks like private transportation and pre-game parties.

General Admission

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of the Field of Dreams game with General Admission tickets! These tickets are a great option for those who want to be a part of history without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you need to know about General Admission:

  • Ticket Pricing: General Admission tickets start at $375.
  • Seating Options: General Admission seating is first-come, first-served in the outfield bleachers. This means that you can sit wherever you’d like within this section.

With General Admission tickets, you’ll have access to all of the excitement and energy of the Field of Dreams game at an affordable price point. However, if you’re looking for a more premium experience, there are other seating options available as well.

Premium seating offers a variety of benefits and amenities that aren’t included with General Admission. Keep reading to learn more about these options!

Premium Seating

If you’re looking to upgrade your experience at the historic baseball event, consider the premium seating options that offer exclusive perks such as access to a private lounge and bar, as well as padded seats for added comfort. Premium seating is perfect for those who want to enjoy the game in style while being pampered with top-notch amenities.

There are two types of premium seating available – Diamond Club and Home Plate Club. The Diamond Club offers an amazing view of the field from behind home plate and includes all-inclusive food and beverage service, while the Home Plate Club provides a prime location near first or third base with access to a private bar and lounge. See below for a comparison of premium seating options:

Seating Option Location Perks Price
Diamond Club Behind home plate All-inclusive food & beverage service, private entrance & restrooms, padded seats $1,500 per ticket
Home Plate Club Near first or third base Private bar & lounge access, padded seats $1,200 per ticket

Upgrade your Field of Dreams experience by choosing one of these premium seating options! And if you’re feeling extra special, check out our VIP packages for even more exclusive perks.

VIP Packages

Looking for an elevated experience? Check out the VIP packages available at the historic baseball event. These exclusive packages offer a range of benefits that will make your Field of Dreams game day unforgettable.

VIP ticket holders get early access to the stadium and premium seating with incredible views of the diamond. But that’s not all – VIP guests also have access to special hospitality areas, where they can enjoy complimentary food and drinks throughout the game.

In addition, these packages often include behind-the-scenes tours and meet-and-greets with baseball legends or current players. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Field of Dreams experience with these unique and exciting VIP benefits.

Ready to secure your spot at this iconic event? Check out the purchase options below for more information on how to obtain tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime baseball game.

Purchase Options

To snag a ticket to the Field of Dreams game, you’ll need to act fast and purchase one through an official vendor. Payment options typically include credit card or PayPal.

Ticket delivery options vary, but most vendors offer electronic delivery or physical mail delivery for an additional fee.

It’s important to note that tickets are in high demand for this once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s wise to plan ahead and be ready to purchase as soon as they become available. Keep your eyes peeled for pre-sale opportunities which may give you early access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Pre-Sale Opportunities

Don’t miss out on the chance to score early access to Field of Dreams event tickets with pre-sale opportunities from official vendors. These pre sale access options provide fans with a unique opportunity to secure their seats before they’re available to the general public. In addition, some vendors offer fan giveaways during pre-sale events that can make attending the game even more memorable.

To maximize your chances of obtaining tickets through a pre-sale, it’s important to stay informed about when and where these events will take place. Check official vendor websites and social media accounts regularly for updates on pre-sale dates and times. Additionally, sign up for email newsletters from vendors so you never miss an announcement. With a little bit of effort, you could be one of the lucky few who gets early access to this historic event!

Now that we’ve discussed how to get early access through pre-sales, let’s move on to some helpful tips for securing tickets in general.

Tips for Securing Tickets

Ace your access to admission by adhering to these advantageous and applicable tips for procuring passes to this popular event.

Firstly, keep an eye out for ticket resale opportunities. Many fans who were able to snag tickets during the pre-sale may not be able to attend the game and will resell their tickets on platforms like StubHub or SeatGeek. While these tickets may come at a premium price, they could be your only chance of attending the game.

Secondly, explore alternative ticket sources. The Field of Dreams game is a highly anticipated event and many people will be vying for limited seats. However, don’t limit yourself to just official ticket sellers. Keep an eye on social media pages or online forums where fans may trade or sell extra tickets at face value or even below face value due to last-minute cancellations or changes in plans.

By exploring all options, you increase your chances of securing a ticket at a fair price.

With these tips in mind, it’s important to note that pricing for Field of Dreams game tickets can vary greatly depending on availability and demand. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when it comes to ticket pricing.

Ticket Pricing

Get ready to shell out some serious cash for admission to the highly anticipated Field of Dreams baseball game, as ticket pricing can vary greatly depending on availability and demand.

The official ticket sales have not yet been announced, but based on previous demand analysis, it’s expected that prices will start at around $1,000 per ticket. However, with limited seating capacity and high demand from both local fans and tourists alike, it’s likely that prices could reach upwards of $5,000 or more.

If you’re looking to attend the Field of Dreams game but are hesitant about the cost, there are a few things you can do to try and secure more affordable tickets. One option is to wait until closer to the event date and purchase tickets from resellers or third-party websites. Another option is to consider purchasing standing-room-only tickets or seats in less desirable areas of the stadium. Just be sure to keep an eye out for scams or counterfeit tickets when buying from unofficial sources.

With so much uncertainty surrounding ticket sales for this historic event, it’s important to stay informed and be prepared for all possibilities when it comes to securing your spot at the Field of Dreams game.

When it comes time for refund and exchange policies, there are several options available depending on where you purchased your tickets from.

Refund and Exchange Policies

Congratulations, you were lucky enough to secure a ticket to the highly anticipated baseball game at the Field of Dreams, but before you start planning your trip, be sure to familiarize yourself with the refund and exchange policies in case unexpected circumstances arise.

If for any reason you’re unable to attend the game after purchasing your ticket, there are limited options available for refunds or exchanges. Refunds will only be issued if the event is canceled entirely, so it’s important to keep that in mind when making travel plans.

If something comes up and you’re no longer able to attend the game on August 12th, there is an exchange procedure in place where you can sell or transfer your ticket to someone else. It’s important to note that this process must be done through official channels designated by Major League Baseball and cannot be done through third-party websites or vendors. Be sure to check out their website for more detailed information on how this process works.

Now that we’ve covered refund and exchange policies, let’s move on to discussing travel and accommodations for your trip to Iowa.

Travel and Accommodations

Planning your trip to Iowa for the highly anticipated baseball match at the Field of Dreams can be exciting, but it’s important to consider travel and accommodation options beforehand. To make the most of your trip, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look into nearby lodging options: While there aren’t many hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Field of Dreams, there are plenty within a short drive. Consider staying in nearby towns like Dyersville or Dubuque, which offer a variety of accommodations ranging from budget-friendly motels to luxurious resorts.

  • Explore local attractions: In addition to attending the game, take advantage of your time in Iowa by exploring some of its unique attractions. Check out the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville or visit Dubuque’s Historic Millwork District for a taste of local history and culture.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your trip is not only about watching baseball but also about experiencing all that Iowa has to offer.

As you plan your trip and settle into your accommodations, it’s important to familiarize yourself with game day information such as parking and seating arrangements. Stay tuned for our next section on how to make sure you’re prepped and ready for this unforgettable experience!

Game Day Information

So, now that I’ve got my tickets for the Field of Dreams game, I need to make sure I’m prepared for game day. There are three key points to keep in mind:

  • Parking and transportation are important to plan ahead for as the field is in a rural area with limited options.

  • The stadium has specific rules such as no outside food or beverages allowed inside the gates and certain items not permitted inside the stadium.

  • Finally, there will be plenty of concession stands offering classic ballpark fare as well as official merchandise available for purchase throughout the event.

Parking and Transportation

To get to the Field of Dreams game, you’ll need to figure out your parking and transportation options. The parking logistics for this event are quite limited due to the rural location of the stadium. However, there will be a shuttle service available for attendees to use.

Here’s a table that shows the different shuttle locations and their corresponding prices:

Shuttle Location Price
Dyersville High School $10 per person
Dubuque Regional Airport $30 per person
Cedar Rapids Eastern Iowa Airport $40 per person
Chicago O’Hare International Airport $80 per person

Make sure to plan ahead and reserve your spot on a shuttle before they sell out. Once you arrive at the stadium, make note of all the stadium rules and regulations so you can have an enjoyable experience without any issues.

Stadium Rules and Regulations

As you enter the stadium, remember to abide by all the rules and regulations in place to ensure a smooth and safe experience for everyone.

Before heading out to the Field of Dreams game, it’s important to know about certain prohibited items that aren’t allowed inside the stadium. These include weapons, alcohol, drugs, outside food or beverages, and any other item deemed hazardous by security personnel.

In addition to prohibited items, there will be strict security measures in place at the stadium. All attendees will be screened before entering the premises and may also undergo random bag checks throughout the event. It’s advised that you arrive early to avoid long queues at security checkpoints and ensure a timely entrance into the stadium.

By following these rules and regulations, we can all contribute towards making this an enjoyable experience for everyone attending.

Speaking of enjoyment – let’s talk about concessions and merchandise!

Concessions and Merchandise

Hey, when you’re at the stadium, make sure to check out the awesome concessions and merchandise available – they’re totally lit!

The concession options are plentiful, with something for everyone. Whether you want a classic hot dog or nachos, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to try something like loaded fries or a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, there’s plenty of delicious food to choose from.

The merchandise selection is also top-notch. From hats and t-shirts to jerseys and collectibles, there’s something for every fan in the store. And with the Field of Dreams game being such a historic event, it’s worth picking up some memorabilia to remember the experience by.

So don’t forget to budget some extra cash for souvenirs while you’re enjoying all that the concessions have to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the Field of Dreams stadium and how many fans will be allowed to attend the game?

The Field of Dreams stadium has a capacity of 8,000 fans, but attendance restrictions have not been announced yet. Ticket availability and pricing information will be released closer to the game date.

Will there be any special events or activities taking place before or after the game?

Exciting pre-game entertainment awaits fans attending the Field of Dreams game, including a concert by Tim McGraw. After the game, there will be fireworks and post-game activities for all attendees to enjoy.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the stadium?

Unfortunately, food restrictions prohibit bringing outside food and drinks into the stadium. However, there are a variety of stadium amenities, including concessions and restaurants, to satisfy your hunger and thirst during the game.

Are there any restrictions on what items I can bring into the stadium?

Oh boy, you won’t believe the list of restricted items I saw at the Field of Dreams stadium! From weapons to outside food and drinks, security measures are no joke. Best to leave anything questionable at home.

Will there be any merchandise or souvenirs available for purchase at the game?

There will be a variety of merchandise available for purchase at the Field of Dreams game, including t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs. Pricing options may vary depending on the item.


Well, that’s all the information I’ve got on how to get tickets for the Field of Dreams game.

It’s going to be one of the most anticipated baseball events in recent history and getting your hands on a ticket is going to be tough. But don’t let that discourage you! With some patience, persistence, and a little bit of luck, you might just score yourself a seat at this historic game.

Think of it like trying to catch a home run ball in the bleachers – it’s not easy, but when you finally snag it, the feeling of triumph is unbeatable.

So stay focused, keep an eye out for pre-sale opportunities, and don’t give up hope until that final out is called. Who knows? You might just find yourself standing in the midst of one of baseball’s greatest moments yet.

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