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I recently watched ‘What Dreams May Come,’a movie starring the late Robin Williams, and it left a profound impact on me. The movie explores themes of love, loss, redemption, and the afterlife, all while showcasing incredible special effects and cinematography.

In the movie, Williams plays a man named Chris Nielsen who dies in a car accident and finds himself in the afterlife. He must navigate a world that’s both beautiful and terrifying, all while trying to reunite with his wife who took her own life after their children died in a tragic accident.

As the story unfolds, we see the lengths Chris is willing to go to in order to save his wife’s soul and find peace in a world that can be both heaven and hell.

Key Takeaways

  • "What Dreams May Come"is a movie that explores themes of love, loss, redemption, and the afterlife.
  • The afterlife depicted in the film is not a singular concept, with different realms of heaven and hell portrayed and each having its own unique characteristics and landscapes.
  • Robin Williams’ performance as the lead character Chris Nielsen is extraordinary, and the special effects and cinematography create an otherworldly atmosphere that raises thought-provoking questions about what happens to us after we die.
  • The ultimate act of redemption in the movie is when Chris chooses to stay in Hell to help his wife escape, highlighting the central theme of redemption even in the afterlife.

Overview of the Movie’s Plot

So, you’re about to dive into the plot of ‘What Dreams May Come,’ where you’ll follow the journey of a man named Chris who dies and finds himself in a heaven-like afterlife realm while his wife, still living, struggles with her own mental health.

The movie begins with Chris and his wife, Annie, deeply in love and living an idyllic life with their two children. However, tragedy strikes when their children die in a car accident. Chris and Annie are left devastated and struggle to come to terms with their loss.

After Chris dies in a separate accident, he finds himself in a beautiful afterlife realm where he is reunited with his children and guided by a mysterious figure named Albert. However, Chris soon learns that Annie has committed suicide and is in a dark and desolate afterlife realm.

Determined to help her, Chris sets out on a perilous journey to rescue Annie from her own inner demons. The movie explores themes of love, loss, and the afterlife, and ultimately asks the question of whether love can truly conquer all.

The Afterlife

In my opinion, one of the most fascinating aspects of ‘What Dreams May Come’ is its depiction of the afterlife.

The movie explores the concept of Heaven and Hell in a unique and visually stunning way.

The film’s portrayal of the afterlife is both beautiful and haunting, and it raises thought-provoking questions about what happens to us after we die.

The Film’s Depiction of the Afterlife

You’ll be mesmerized by the film’s portrayal of the afterlife, where bright colors and vibrant landscapes are brought to life. The breathtaking visuals in ‘What Dreams May Come’ make it easy to imagine what the afterlife could be like. It’s a world full of wonder and beauty, where souls are free to create their own reality.

The film’s depiction of heaven is so vivid and imaginative that it’ll leave you longing for a place like that to exist. But as you delve deeper into the movie, you’ll realize that the afterlife isn’t just a place of endless joy and happiness.

‘What Dreams May Come’ explores the darker side of the afterlife as well, where souls are trapped in their own personal hells. The film’s portrayal of both heaven and hell is incredibly thought-provoking, making you question your own beliefs about the afterlife.

How the Afterlife is Explored in the Movie

Imagine yourself being taken on a journey through the afterlife as the movie explores the different realms of heaven and hell. The afterlife depicted in "What Dreams May Come"is not just a singular, one-size-fits-all concept. Instead, it presents a wide range of possibilities and experiences, depending on a person’s beliefs, actions, and state of mind during their lifetime. The movie portrays the afterlife as a place that is not static, but rather shaped by the emotions and thoughts of those who inhabit it.

The different realms of heaven and hell are vividly portrayed in the movie, each with their own unique characteristics and landscapes. The table below provides a brief summary of the different realms explored in the movie:

Realm Description
Heaven 1 A vibrant and colorful world, filled with endless possibilities and joy.
Heaven 2 A peaceful and serene landscape, where one can find inner peace and contentment.
Hell 1 A dark and ominous world, where one is tormented by their own fears and regrets.
Hell 2 A barren and desolate wasteland, where one is trapped in a never-ending cycle of suffering and despair.

The movie’s exploration of the afterlife is both thought-provoking and visually stunning. It leaves the audience with a lot to ponder about what happens to us after we die. But as we delve deeper into the movie, we also see how the power of love and loss can transcend even the boundaries of death.

Love and Loss

Watching the heart-wrenching scenes of Robin Williams mourning the loss of his beloved wife in What Dreams May Come is a poignant reminder of the power of love and the pain of loss. The movie beautifully portrays the depth of love that exists between two people and the heartbreak that follows when one is taken away.

The way in which Williams’ character, Chris, longs for his wife and searches for her in the afterlife is a testament to the strength of their bond. The movie also delves into the concept of loss and how it affects us. It shows how difficult it is to let go of someone we love and how grief can consume us.

Williams’ performance is heart-wrenching as he portrays a man who is lost without his wife and struggles to come to terms with her death. It’s a powerful portrayal of the devastation that comes with losing a loved one. As the movie progresses, we see Chris journey through the afterlife in search of his wife, and this is where the special effects and cinematography come into play.

Special Effects and Cinematography

As you’re transported through the afterlife, the stunning special effects and cinematography create an otherworldly atmosphere that immerses you in the journey of love and loss.

From the vibrant colors of the vibrant landscapes to the ethereal glow of the spirits that inhabit them, every frame is a work of art.

The transitions between scenes are seamless, with each one flowing into the next like a dream.

The use of visual effects to represent emotional states is particularly effective. For example, when the main character, Chris, is consumed by grief, the world around him becomes dark and stormy, with the colors muted and the atmosphere heavy. Conversely, when he experiences love and joy, the colors become more vibrant, and the world around him glows with warmth.

These effects add depth and meaning to the story, making it a truly immersive experience.

And speaking of depth and meaning, Robin Williams’ performance as Chris is nothing short of extraordinary…

Robin Williams’ Performance

As we marveled at the stunning special effects and cinematography in ‘What Dreams May Come,’ it was easy to overlook the fact that the film’s success also hinged on the performance of its lead actor, the late Robin Williams. Williams brought an incredible depth to his portrayal of Chris Nielsen, a man who embarks on a journey through the afterlife to save his wife’s soul.

Williams was able to convey powerful emotions through his facial expressions and body language, which added an extra layer of complexity to the already emotional story. One standout scene in particular was when Chris first arrives in the afterlife and is greeted by a guide who explains the new rules of existence. Williams’ facial expressions perfectly captured the confusion and disbelief that Chris felt in that moment, while also conveying a sense of wonder and curiosity.

It was a masterful performance that showcased just how talented Williams was as an actor, and it helped make ‘What Dreams May Come’ the emotional rollercoaster that it is. As we delve deeper into the themes of redemption in ‘What Dreams May Come,’ it’s important to keep in mind just how crucial Williams’ performance was to the success of the film. His ability to convey complex emotions and bring a relatable humanity to his character helped make the film resonate with audiences on a deeply personal level.

The Theme of Redemption

The theme of redemption is central to ‘What Dreams May Come,’ as the film explores the idea that even in the afterlife, it’s never too late to make amends and find peace.

This theme is highlighted through several poignant moments in the film. Firstly, when Chris Nielsen (played by Robin Williams) sacrifices his own happiness and peace to save his wife’s soul, it shows that redemption can come through selflessness.

Secondly, the scene where Chris visits his daughter in her own personal heaven and apologizes for not being there for her, portrays how redemption can come through acknowledging and making amends for past mistakes.

Lastly, the ultimate act of redemption in the film is when Chris chooses to stay in Hell to help his wife escape, showing that even in the darkest of places, there is still hope for redemption.

The theme of redemption in ‘What Dreams May Come’ is a powerful and moving message, reminding us that it’s never too late to seek forgiveness and make amends. The film’s exploration of the afterlife and the possibilities for redemption is both thought-provoking and inspiring.

Additionally, the beautiful and haunting music and soundtrack perfectly complement the film’s themes, adding an emotional depth that enhances the overall experience.

The Music and Soundtrack

Get ready to be swept away by the beautiful and haunting music in ‘What Dreams May Come’. The soundtrack adds an emotional depth that will leave you feeling moved and inspired.

The music perfectly captures the different moods and emotions throughout the film – from the eerie and foreboding sounds as Chris journeys through Hell to the ethereal and uplifting tones of Heaven. The use of choral voices and orchestral instruments only adds to the grandeur of the film’s message of love and redemption.

The music and soundtrack of ‘What Dreams May Come’ have received critical acclaim, with many praising the way it enhances the narrative and emotional impact of the film. The music was composed by Michael Kamen, who also worked on other iconic films such as ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’.

The soundtrack features a mix of classical pieces, original compositions, and popular songs. Overall, the music and sound design of ‘What Dreams May Come’ are a testament to the film’s powerful themes and emotional resonance.

Reception and Reviews

As I reflect on ‘What Dreams May Come,’ I can’t help but consider the critical and commercial response to the film.

Despite mixed reviews upon its initial release, the movie has since become a cult classic, beloved by many for its visually stunning depiction of the afterlife.

Its legacy extends beyond its artistic merits, as it’s also served as a source of comfort and healing for those who’ve experienced loss.

The Critical and Commercial Response to the Film

Despite mixed reviews and box office performance, What Dreams May Come remains a poignant and visually stunning exploration of love and loss.

The film received polarizing reviews from critics, with some praising the film’s visual effects and emotional depth, while others criticized its heavy-handed sentimentality and convoluted plot.

However, despite the mixed reception, the film still managed to earn over $71 million at the box office.

Despite its commercial success, What Dreams May Come is often overshadowed by other films from Robin Williams’ career, such as Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting.

Nevertheless, the film’s exploration of themes such as life after death, the power of love, and the enduring nature of the human spirit have ensured its lasting legacy.

In the next section, we’ll explore how the film’s impact still resonates with audiences today.

The Film’s Legacy

You’ll be happy to know that What Dreams May Come’s legacy has continued to touch the hearts of audiences long after its initial release.

The film’s beautiful and unique portrayal of the afterlife has inspired many to question their own beliefs and reflect on the notion of love and loss.

Moreover, it has left a lasting impact on the film industry, inspiring future filmmakers to explore deeper themes and tackle taboo subjects.

What Dreams May Come has also become an important film for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Its message of hope and the power of love to overcome death has brought comfort to many.

It has become a staple for grief support groups and a tool for therapists to help their clients process their feelings.

The film’s importance lies not only in its artistic value, but also in its ability to heal and touch the hearts of those who watch it.

The Importance of What Dreams May Come

I think What Dreams May Come is an important movie for audiences for a few reasons.

Firstly, it deals with heavy themes such as love, loss, and the afterlife in a unique and visually stunning way that leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

Secondly, the film has had a cultural impact, inspiring artists and filmmakers alike with its bold use of color and imagery.

Lastly, the movie serves as a reminder that even in the darkest times, there’s always hope and beauty to be found.

Adjusting the paragraph structure in this way helps to clearly group complete thoughts and ideas together, making the writing more organized and easier to read. Additionally, using contractions can help to make the writing sound more natural and conversational.

Why the Movie is Important for Audiences

When you watch ‘What Dreams May Come,’ you’ll be taken on an emotional journey that explores the power of love and the afterlife. The movie does an excellent job of showcasing the beauty of the afterlife and how it’s interconnected with the living world. The film’s message is clear: love transcends everything, even death.

To understand the impact of the movie, let’s take a look at this table:

Positive Points Negative Points
Stunning Visuals Depicts Suicide
Strong Performances Some May Find it Overwhelming
Beautiful Score Somewhat Slow Paced
Thought-Provoking Message Not Suitable for Younger Audiences
Emotional Impact Can Be Triggering for Some

As we can see, the movie has its fair share of positive and negative points. Nonetheless, it’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to explore the concept of afterlife and the power of love. ‘What Dreams May Come’ has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema and continues to inspire and captivate audiences even today.

The Film’s Cultural Impact

Get ready to learn about the cultural impact of this masterpiece, because it’s left an unforgettable mark on the world of cinema.

‘What Dreams May Come’ tackled the themes of grief, death, and the afterlife in a way that was both beautiful and thought-provoking. It challenged audiences to think beyond what they know and believe about life and death, and it did so in a way that was both entertaining and enlightening.

The film’s impact was felt not just in the world of cinema, but in society as a whole. It opened up conversations about death and the afterlife, and it helped people to understand grief in a way that they may not have before.

It also showed that a film can be both entertaining and profound, and that it can have a lasting impact on its audience. ‘What Dreams May Come’ will always be remembered as a groundbreaking film that challenged our understanding of life, death, and what lies beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the budget for ‘What Dreams May Come’ movie?

The budget for the film ‘What Dreams May Come’ was around $85 million. It was a significant investment, but I believe it was worth it to bring this beautiful story to life on the big screen.

Who were the other actors considered for the role of Chris Nielsen?

I’m not sure who the other actors were considered for the role of Chris Nielsen in "What Dreams May Come."Can you provide more information or context?

Did the movie win any awards?

Yes, the film won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The stunning visuals were a standout feature of the movie, creating a unique and immersive experience for viewers.

How was the title of the movie chosen?

The title of the movie was chosen by the author of the novel it was based on, Richard Matheson. He chose it because it reflects the theme of the afterlife and the power of imagination.

Who composed the soundtrack for the movie?

The soundtrack for the movie "What Dreams May Come"was composed by Michael Kamen. I really enjoyed the emotional and haunting music that added to the overall experience of the film.


Well, it’s time for me to wrap up my thoughts on What Dreams May Come.

It’s funny how life can be so coincidental sometimes. Just like in the movie, we never truly know what lies beyond this life.

But what we do know is that love and redemption are powerful forces that can transcend even death.

While What Dreams May Come may not be for everyone, it’s a beautiful and poignant film that explores the afterlife in a unique way.

The stunning special effects and cinematography, combined with Robin Williams’ incredible performance, make this a must-see for any film lover.

And who knows, maybe it’ll leave you pondering the mysteries of life and death just like it did for me.

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