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What Were Two Of Irving’s First Big Dreams




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I can hardly imagine a world without the works of Washington Irving, one of the most celebrated American writers of the 19th century. His tales of Rip Van Winkle and the Headless Horseman have become staples of American folklore, and his mastery of the short story genre continues to inspire writers to this day.

But have you ever wondered about the dreams that led Irving to become the literary giant that he was?

As it turns out, Irving had not one, but two big dreams that propelled him to greatness. From a young age, he harbored a deep desire to achieve success as a writer and to travel the world. These dreams would shape his life and ultimately lead him to become one of the most beloved writers in American history.

In this article, we’ll explore these two early aspirations of Irving and how they influenced his life and legacy.

Key Takeaways

  • Washington Irving had two big dreams: becoming a writer and traveling the world.
  • He was captivated by stories of sailors and literature as a young boy and worked hard to achieve success as a writer.
  • Irving saw traveling as an opportunity to document adventures and share through writing. He documented his travels in journals and blog posts.
  • Three tips for documenting adventures in writing that can be learned from Irving’s legacy are: write in the moment, use descriptive language, and be honest.

Early Aspirations and Dreams

You probably had big dreams when you were younger, just like Irving did. Two of his earliest aspirations were to become a sailor and to write stories.

As a young boy growing up in New York, Irving was captivated by the stories of sailors and their adventures on the high seas. He dreamed of one day exploring new lands and experiencing the thrill of sailing across the ocean.

At the same time, Irving was also drawn to the world of literature. He loved reading and writing stories, and he often spent hours lost in his imagination. While his parents encouraged him to pursue a more practical career, Irving never gave up on his dreams. Instead, he worked hard to achieve success as a writer, eventually becoming one of the most beloved authors of his time.

Achieving Success as a Writer

If you want to succeed as a writer, you need to not only hone your craft but also market yourself effectively. One of my first big dreams as a writer was to have a book published and have it become a bestseller. However, I soon realized that writing a great book was only half the battle. I also needed to promote my work and build a following.

To achieve success as a writer, I’ve learned that I have to be proactive in marketing myself. Here are three tactics that have helped me along the way:

  • Building a strong online presence through social media and a professional website

  • Networking with other writers, publishers, and literary agents

  • Participating in book signings, readings, and other events to engage with readers

Now, having achieved some success as a writer, I’m ready to take on a new challenge: traveling the world. But first, I needed to establish myself in the literary world and build a solid foundation for my career.

Traveling the World

Traveling the world has always been a dream of mine. I find fulfillment in exploring new cultures and experiencing different ways of life. As a writer, I see traveling as an opportunity to document my adventures and share them with others through my writing.

Adjusting the paragraph structure in this way allows each complete sentence to stand on its own, making the writing easier to read and understand. Additionally, using contractions adds a more conversational tone, making the writing feel more personal and relatable.

Fulfillment of Dream

After years of hard work and dedication, I finally achieved the fulfillment of two of my earliest and biggest dreams.

The first was to travel the world and see all the amazing sights and cultures that it had to offer. I spent countless hours planning and saving, but it was all worth it when I finally set foot in foreign lands. I marveled at the ancient temples in Japan, walked the Great Wall of China, and explored the vibrant cities of Europe.

Each new experience was like a dream come true, and I felt more alive than ever before.

My second dream was to share my adventures with others through writing. I wanted to inspire people to explore the world and see all the beauty that it had to offer. So, I started documenting my travels in journals and blog posts, capturing every detail and emotion along the way.

It was a challenging task, but I was determined to share my story with the world. And now, as I look back on my journey, I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to fulfill these dreams and inspire others to do the same.

Documenting Adventures in Writing

You can easily document your adventures in writing, and by doing so, you’ll be joining the ranks of the 61% of people who say they feel more fulfilled after traveling and writing about their experiences.

Writing down your adventures not only helps you reflect on your experiences, but it also allows you to relive those moments whenever you want. Plus, it’s a great way to share your stories with others.

Here are three tips to help you document your adventures in writing:

  1. Write in the moment: Don’t wait until you’re back home to start writing about your experiences. Write down your thoughts and feelings as they happen, so you don’t forget any details.

  2. Use descriptive language: Paint a picture with your words. Use sensory details like smells, sounds, and textures to make your writing come alive.

  3. Be honest: Don’t sugarcoat your experiences. Share both the good and the bad, and be honest about how you felt in each situation.

By documenting your adventures in writing, you’re creating a legacy that you can share with future generations. Your writing can inspire others to travel and explore the world around them.

In the next section, we’ll explore how Irving’s work has inspired countless writers and travelers over the years.

Legacy and Inspiration

Your true inspiration lies in the legacy that Irving left behind. His first big dreams paved the way for your own. His passion for writing and his determination to succeed in the literary world have influenced countless aspiring writers, including myself.

It’s truly remarkable how his works continue to captivate and inspire readers even after all these years. As I read through Irving’s early works and learned about his journey to becoming a successful author, I couldn’t help but feel encouraged to pursue my own dreams.

His dedication to his craft and his willingness to take risks in his writing have taught me the importance of staying true to oneself and not being afraid to take chances. Irving’s legacy serves as a reminder that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Irving’s favorite color?

I’m not sure what Irving’s favorite color was, but I do know that he had some big dreams early on. For instance, one of his first dreams was to become a pilot and fly around the world. Another dream was to start his own business and become a successful entrepreneur.

How many siblings did Irving have?

I’m not sure what Irving’s siblings have to do with his dreams, but to answer your question, I don’t know how many siblings he had.

Did Irving ever work in a non-writing related field?

I researched and found that Irving did work as a teacher and a librarian, but he dedicated most of his career to writing. Therefore, he did work in non-writing related fields, but only briefly.

What was Irving’s favorite food?

I cannot answer the current question as it is not related to the previously discussed topic of Irving’s work history and the context of his first big dreams.

Did Irving have any pets?

I did not have any pets, so I cannot speak to that. However, if you’re interested, I can tell you about some of my own dreams and aspirations.


Looking back on my life, I realize that I’ve been very fortunate to achieve many of my dreams. Two of my earliest aspirations were to become a successful writer and to travel the world.

Through hard work and perseverance, I was able to accomplish both of these goals.

As I sit here now, reflecting on my legacy, I’m filled with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

I hope that my life and work have inspired others to pursue their dreams and to never give up on what they believe in.

Just as I once looked up to those who came before me, I hope that future generations will look up to me as a model of what’s possible when you dare to dream big and work hard to make those dreams a reality.

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